Customise Your Cabinets

Most kitchen makers make kitchens in standard sizes, and you have to adapt the units to your kitchen. This often means having wide filler pieces and “tray spaces” to make the kitchen fit.

However, not only do we make most of our cabinets in any size you need, so eliminating the expense of the fillers, end panels and tray spaces, we can also customise your cabinets to get around lots of the most common problems that arise when fitting a new kitchen.


 Cut Outs:


We can build a cabinet to fit around a pillar for example, to save you or your fitter trying to cut the cabinet on site. If we do it, we just need you to tell us the dimensions of the cut out. This will look much better when you look inside the cabinet as the cupboard sides will follow the sides of the pillar rather then seeing the actual pillar.


 V Grooved Sides:

v grooved

We can supply our cabinet sides either plain or v grooved (this simulates a T&G effect but makes a much stronger cabinet.)


 Inset Sides:

If you are planning an island or peninsula involving back to back cabinets, you will have a join down the side where the cabinets meet. To overcome this we inset the side of each cabinet just behind the cabinet front frame, and we supply a panel that covers the whole length of the cabinets but fits flush behind the front frame. This way you hide the join without adding any extra width to the cabinets.

inset sides

 Extended Sides:

extended sides

We can build a cabinet with an extended side or we can extend both sides. This means that you can cut or scribe the back of the sides to fit an un-even wall.



As standard our base cabinets have a 50mm recess at the back, and our wall cupboards have a 20mm recess at the back. However, you can specify any recess you need for any cabinet. The only limit is where there is a reason for limiting the recess (drawer depth, size of an appliance, etc).


 Part Cabinets:

We can supply a door or two doors in a front frame for either a wall or base. This can go across a pillar to join 2 other cabinets, or between a wall and a cupboard in front of a boiler for example. We can also supply a front frame and 1 cabinet side to go around a pillar or a boiler. Sometimes we need to supply a front frame and 2 sides for a boiler (we leave off the top and base to allow air circulation).

part cabinets