Door Styles And Other Options

NEW FOR 2016! We have been using our door style names and item codes for many years, however there are now other companies using the same names and codes which is proving confusing for our customers. So, we have taken the opportunity to introduce a new, much clearer naming and coding system. If you are half way through putting an order together using the old codes, that’s fine we will accept orders in both.

This page shows you the different door, drawer, glazing, plinth, cornice, knob, pilaster, hinge and door catch styles we offer. To see our complete range of over 200 cabinets, go to our fitted range page, or download our fitted and freestanding catalogue from our downloads page.


Door and Drawer Styles Note: Drawer and door styles can be mixed.

a doorstylea

Door style A, Drawer style 1. Our Shaker door style. Flat panel no beading.


a peacock2

Door style B, Drawer style 1. Our Shaker door style with beading in the door panel.


a doorc

Door style C, Drawer style 2. . Flat panel with beading on cabinet around door frame.


a doorstyled

Door style D, Drawer style 3. Beading around door and drawer frame and in door panel and drawer front.


Glazing styles



GLAZE1 . Single pane


GLAZE2 . Decorative glazing bars

Plinth Styles


image002 1 copy

Planted Plinth

Framed Plinth



a recessedplinthexample2

Framed 2 Plinth (next to range cooker)

Recessed Plinth (shown with post at each end)

Cornice Styles


image004 1

Curved Cornice

Traditional Cornice




Flat Cornice

Double Flat Cornice


Pilaster/Post Styles



Post (available as island end or with side panels)

Chamfered Post (shown on server but available as island end or with side panels)



Pilaster (available as island end or with side panels)

Fluted post (available as island end or with side panels)


Hinge Styles

All of our hinges are top quality solid brass butt hinges that are skillfully rebated into the door frame by our door fitting experts. They are available in 3 finishes:



Antique Brass


Solid Brass Chrome Plated

Solid Brass

Solid Brass Antique


Door Catch Styles

We have a choice of magnetic or roller catches. Each is available in 3 finishes: Chrome, Brass, Antiques Brass

a rollerflorbronze

magnetic catch


Roller catch (Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass)

Magnetic catch (Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass)


We reserve the right to change specification from time to time to facilitate improvements or because of availability.