Frequently Asked Questions

This page shows you over 50 of the most commonly asked questions from our customers (and the answers!). Click on a tab on the right.

  General FAQ


 Are your cabinets made to measure?

Yes we have over 200 different cabinets and you can have most of them in any height, width and depth.

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 Are your cabinets supplied flat-pack?

No, they are supplied fully built.

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 What is an inframe kitchen?

In an inframe cabinet, the door sits in side a separate frame, that is fixed to the front of the cabinet. This is a far superior method of construction than the (usually) cheaper method of overlaying the door straight onto the carcass without a front frame.

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 Can I box in my boiler?

Yes, but the best solution depends on the location of your boiler. We can provide a door in a front frame, so that you can cover the front of the boiler, from a wall to another cupboard, or between 2 cupboards. we can supply a door in a front frame together with 1 or 2 cupboard sides to go around your boiler. The top and bottom of the cupboard are not usually supplied because of the need for ventilation.

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 How can I make my cabinets fit against uneven walls?

We can extend a side or both sides, so that you can scribe the back edge of the sides to the contour of the wall.

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 How are your doors made?

Our doors are 5 piece doors made in the traditional way using mortise and tenon joints. Our doors are also 25mm thick, compared to the usual 18mm, this helps prevent them warping.

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 Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have 2 showrooms. Please see our contact us page for details.

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 What plinth styles do you offer?

We offer 4 plinth styles: Planted, Framed, Recessed and Framed2.You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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 What cornice styles do you offer?

We offer 4 cornice styles: Curved, Traditional, Flat and Double Flat. You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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 Can I have a cutlery insert in a drawer?

Yes, we can make an insert with 4 vertical (running front to back) and 1 horizontal (running side to side) division, or 3 equal vertical (running front to back) sections.

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 Do you install the kitchen?

No, we are supply only. Some customers save money by installing the kitchen themselves as the cabinets are supplied fully built with doors, drawers, and all internals like bins fully installed. In addition our cabinet sides are finished so you don’t need separate and expensive end panels. Depending on where you live we may be able to suggest a fitter, but if not, you will be able to find fitters locally. Nearly all fitters are self employed even those who work for companies like John Lewis and B&Q, and some won’t be registered for VAT and so could work out cheaper.

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 What are your cabinets made of?

Either from solid wood, or a mix of solid wood and real wood veneer. You can see the various specifications on our Downloads page.

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 Are your cabinets painted?

No, we supply them unfinished so that you can paint, wax, oil, stain or varnish them. For the best paint finish kitchens should always be painted after installation. You will find that all the top kitchen makers like Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson do this. Be wary of any company who sells pre painted kitchens, you cannot see what they have covered up, and you will probably have to repaint after installation anyway where cabinets have been joined for example, and you may find it hard to match the paint colour as paint is made in batches. Also be aware of anyone who paints the insides of the cabinets, especially the drawers, as they will become scratched very quickly. Many of our customers paint their own kitchen, but local painters are always available if you need someone else to do it for you.

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 What hinge options do you offer?

All of our hinges are top quality solid brass butt hinges. We offer 3 hinge options:

1. Chrome plated
2. Brass
3. Antique Brass

You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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 What drawer styles do you offer?

We offer 3 drawer styles: 1, 2 and 3. You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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 What door styles do you offer?

We have 4 door styles: A, B, C and D.. You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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 What door catch options do you offer?

We offer 2 door catch options:
1. Magnetic
2. Roller.

You can see pictures on our Door Styles page.

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