How Our Cabinets Are Made

Over the past 16 years we have developed what we believe to be the best combination of construction methods and materials.

We use top quality materials including Tulipwood which is in our opinion the best wood to use for a painted kitchen becasue of its combination of strength, stabillity, and flat painted finish. The construction methods we use include properly jointed mortise and tenoned 5 piece doors, and our drawers are made with traditional dovetail joints at both the front and back.

You will see from our “TV and Magazine Features” web page that our customer’s kitchens are often featured in national home magazines alongside kitchens from those more expensive companies.

We have set out below the important facts about each part of the kitchen, so you can see that over the years, in each key area we have developed an unbeatable combination of materials and techniques.


tulipwood cabinet

carcass1 2

Carcass: We usually make our carcasses using real oak veneer. The real oak veneer interior is beautiful and can be varnished, oiled or even painted, depending on your choice. Each part is screwed and glued together. This gives probably the strongest join possible.




Front Frame: The best cabinets have a separate front frame that is constructed then fixed to the carcass. Cheaper cabinets have no frame and the doors are connected directly to the carcass. Or even worse 4 separate pieces of frame that are nailed onto the carcass and then filled and sanded to make it look like a frame!

Our cabinets have a separate solid hardwood front frame that is screwed and glued under pressure to ensure it is square. The frame is then screwed and glued to the carass with hidden screws so there are no screw/nail marks visible.




Doors: Our doors are made in the traditional way with 5 separate pieces, (2x stiles, 2 x rails, 1 x panel) which are then put together with morticed and tenoned joints.

Hinges: Hinges are a key component of your kitchen. We only use top quality solid brass butt hinges in a choice of 3 finishes (chrome, brass, antique brass) which are skillfully rebated into the door. This is a more expensive way (for us) to hang the doors, but means they will not drop over time.


engraveddrawerfronts 3


Drawers: All of our drawers boxes are made in the traditional way in solid oak with proper dovetail joints. This means they will last for years. Thanks to the way we make our drawers and the quality of our drawer runners, our drawers have a massive 40kg weight capacity.

Drawer Runners: We use top quality soft close drawer runners, that are hidden underneath the drawer. They have a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to remove the drawer for cleaning.