The Workshop

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The heart of any good bespoke kitchen company is the workshop, and its craftsmen. We currently have a team of 14, and the vast majority are time served, fully qualified Bench Joiners or Cabinet Makers each with over 20 years experience of kitchen and furniture making.

Your kitchen will be made from scratch especially for you by a small team of 3 people, chosen to work together for their complementary skills. The team will include a dovetail drawer expert and a door making and fitting expert. The finished kitchen will then be closely checked by Nick, our Production Manager who, along with the team that made the kitchen are completely responsible for the accuracy and the quality of the kitchen.

Our emphasis is always on quality, and this begins with recruiting the right people. It is worth noting that just as most of our customers are referred to us by existing customers, so most of our recuitment is as a result of referrals by existing team members who have previously worked with a prospective recruit and can vouch for the quality of their work, and the pride they take in producing quality products. As a result we now have a waiting list of prospective team members, and we are proud to say that in the workshop and our showroom no-one has ever left after successfully completing their trial period!

All of this ensures that quality is something that is built in, and it is rare for Nick to actually find an error when he completes his final check, but we are all human, and so just in case each check is conducted extremely thoroughly. This emphasis on quality goes from our first contact with you to the delivery of your kitchen by David and Ian or Colin and Peter, 2 of our own delivery guys in our own vans. We often receive great feedback from our customers about our deliveries, as you can see on our what our customers say page.

When this attention to quality is combined with our flexibility in terms of range of cabinets in any height, width or depth, plus our bespoke options, and then combined with our prices which mean you can get a national magazine quality handmade kitchen(see our magazine features page) for less than many Magnet kitchens, we believe that no-one else offers such a complete and affordable package.